INSIDE OUT turns images into global action from the North Pole to Malawi

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JR-NorthPole_IOPSince TED Prize winner JR launched his INSIDE OUT project in 2011, thousands of people have contributed their faces to the world’s largest public photo gallery. And now the project has made its way to the northernmost part of the Earth. A group of 16 environmental activists used the project to protest industrial destruction of the Arctic. They arranged a thousand portraits into the shape of an eye, placing the mosaic on the North Pole’s snowy canvas  — almost like planting a flag. Their message: “Now we have the eyes of the world, at the top of the world, watching over the world.”

By displaying more than 120,000 paper portraits, citizens around the world have enlivened their cities by revealing their faces and the stories they represent. Here, more INSIDE OUT images that show ordinary citizens taking extraordinary action in communities worldwide.

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About kjens1089

23 female wanting to learn everything i can and learn how to live. I want so badly to not feel that there is no hope for humanity and sometimes i find things that restore my hope bits at a time. I recently realized how negative a person i had become and how badly it was affecting my life and others around me. I am working to change my outlook, my actions, my thinking, so that i can feel that at least i tried to be the change i wanted to see in this world. it is harder than anything i have ever done because i never noticed how much negativity there is in our daily lives that constanly is weighing down the humanity in us. It is hard to really trust, communicate, connect, share, help, be conscientious, be kind, allow vulnerability, cuz these are all things that our culture and society have tried to repress in us and have succeeded in large part. but i am still trying my best to be a better part of this world because i do care about the world and want peace and respect for all people around the world, and i want humans to change the way we treat our home and to learn again that the world is beautiful not for its resources but for life.. Nature and Life should be the two most valued respected and honored things but they are raped, destroyed, and turned into commodities instead. shame on us, we will change one day i hope.,

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